DBGB Power Bonanza Salary Account



Power Bonanza Salary Account



To offer an attractive Saving Fund Account to salaried employees for enabling them to have their salary credited as well as availingOverdraft facility.


Who can open an account

Permanent employee of an organization, public or private, and is in a current job for more than a year whose salary is being credited in the bank


Initial deposit at opening of account

Rs. 0/-


Documents required for opening the account

  • Employer’s letter for opening salary accounts
  • Identity Proof ( As per  KYC/ AML norms )
  • Address Proof ( As per KYC/ AML norms )
  • Passport size photographs
  • Salary slips for last three months
  • For new recruits, a copy of the letter of offer along with salary details


Features of the Account

  • The overdraft limit under the scheme shall be Rs 50000/- or the last salary credited in the account whichever is lower ,at interest rates applicable to personal loans  which is @13.25% p.a( subject to revision time to time). The overdraft is adjustable any time during thenext six monthssalary(ies) or in bullet repayment , if desired by the account holder.
  • The employees who want to avail overdraft facility or any other loan (i.e. Housing loan, Car loan, and Personal loan)  ,the HR of the organisation has to give an undertaking that they would not settle the terminal dues of the employees leaving the job without obtaining priorNo Objection Certificate   from the branch . This is a must condition for availing any credit facility from Bank.


Additional Benefits

  • Interest presently @ 3.50%(subject to revision from time to time) calculated on daily product basis payable quarterly
  • Free transfer of fund within DBGB accounts
  • Deposits are insured by DICGC
  • ATM Cum Debit card(individuals account)
  • Free issuance of interest certificate and balance certificate
  • Free RTGS/NEFT transaction, if routed through salary account.
  • Waiver on processing fee of loan
  • SMS alert facility.
  • Safe Deposit Lockers available
  • Mobile Banking facility also available.

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